LEAN ENGINEERING & BROWNFIELD MODIFICATIONS “Single Piece flow, concurrent engineering, co-location”

Design Engineers must make the right choices, early in the process, to insure client satisfaction and low lifecycle costs. We have a complete set of capable people, processes and tools required to deliver cost effective solutions for the repair order & minor modifications projects as our new bottom up approach especially in topside upstream maintenance area.

This allows us to utilize an efficient systems engineering, integrated product teams and recent engineering tools to enable lean engineering processes had a continuous improvement. By using this approach; it was shown that cost and schedule savings are typically significant compared to conventional methods while maintaining safety environment, seamless information flow and quality assurance.

  • 2D & 3D Design preparation
  • Engineering, procurement & fabrication management
  • Mini work pack (Pre-job & construction)
  • 3D CAD digitizing point cloud (As-Built environment)
  • Update existing 3d model onto point cloud
  • 2D fabrication detail drawings
  • Stress Analysis
  • Reduce maintenance spares
  • Reduce recurring & non-recurring cost against conventional methods
  • Enables Faster Delivery Times
  • One stop solution for work packing, engineering, fabrication and construction
  • Improve cycle time and quality in engineering
  • Correct first time

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